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Herraduras Mexican Bar and Grill

Raven Cadillac

119 S Mitchell St  Cadillac, MI 49601  Phone (231) 444-6396

NOTE: We gave 3 stars to any section we could not answer due to the what happened.



They look to have 16 taps with 3 from the Raven Brewery in Big Rapids. We really can't tell if they have anything else in bottles or cans. 



Being from Cadillac, we have heard the BBQ items on the menu are great. We stopped by only once and never had anyone come to help us so after waiting over 10 minutes we ended up walking out due to no service.



No service after 10 minutes with only 12 or less people in the whole place and that was with 5 staff members that we could see.



Well we could not really tell with the place being empty 30 minutes before a live music event. We did give 1 star because the hostess was pleasant.



Fair prices from what we saw from the menu. We can’t say how the actual food is due to what happened.



Parking is a bit lacking it is street parking only from what we could find.

This picture is the stage where they have live entertainers perform. I am not sure what we can add to this review, as it was a mighty bad experience. We did find out when a customer told us that the band was out getting G&D Pizza to eat and we should wait for them to start the show before leaving.

Raven Cadillac
Michigan Beer Drinker

8834 34 Rd #155
Cadillac, MI 49601


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